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On-line Artists Agreement:

When this application is electronically signed by the Artist and accepted by art4business (A4B), as indicated by the publication of an Artist's page or portfolio on, it constitutes an agreement between the Artist and A4B concerning the publication of the Artist's information and images of artwork on The Artist's registry file will remain active on for one year from the date of registration.

The Artist is responsible for providing images of works that are available for purchase (Artist must clearly indicate when works are solely commissionable). If a work becomes unavailable through outside sales, the Artist must notify A4B within 48 hours of the sale, remove art from the site and upload a new available piece. Artists agree to change their prices no more than two times a year. A4B will determine the dates of price changes and will notify Artists through email communication.

The Artist is responsible for updating digital files and should do so as needed. The Artist is responsible for an annual renewal of membership. Artist is responsible for coordinating the return of any materials, if contract is not renewed, otherwise materials will be held for one month and then destroyed. A4B is not responsible for any materials including but not limited to digital files, CDs, DVDs, promotional materials, framing and packing materials left for more than one month.

When uploading art onto the website, Artists will enter their wholesale prices (amount of money Artist needs to receive); Artists are responsible for determining the wholesale price of their work verifying the accuracy listed on the site. Payment to Artists will equal the wholesale price listed by the Artist on the website for that particular work sold. At the time of uploading images and information, Artists will also provide A4B a cost estimate for packing materials. If a crate is necessary, Artists must provide the cost of crating when entering prices online. A4B has the right to determine the retail price of Artists' works (amount charged to A4B's customers). Wholesale prices to Artists will not be affected by our determination of retail prices.

A4B reserves the right to refuse any application or may refuse to publish any images that, in its sole judgment, will raise legal issues or claims, putting A4B and other members at risk of loss or liability.

A4B will publish a copyright mark with each Artist's image displayed on However, A4B does not assume and shall not have responsibility for privacy, infringement and unauthorized copying and use of Artists' images. Such risk remains with and is assumed by the Artist.

The Artist gives A4B permission to publish on all information and images provided with this application or during any future Artist updates. If the Artist has a personal web site or page, the Artist gives permission to A4B to create a link from to the web site or page. Any other web sites or pages linked to or clicked through the Artists' web sites or pages warrants that they have all rights necessary to permit A4B to create the link.

The Artist agrees not to solicit A4B clients / customers to purchase works directly through the Artist. Clients / Customers and all interactions of sales through A4B are owned by A4B unless explicitly authorized by A4B. This is solely to protect the rights and privacy of A4B's clients / customers.

The Artist represents that all of the information provided in or in conjunction with this application is true and correct. The Artist further represents and warrants that: (a) Artist is the sole creator and copyright owner of all images and works provided to A4B for publication on, and (b) the display and publication of any information on provided by the Artist will not violate the rights of any person.

A4B does not guarantee any employment, performance, exhibition, speaking, training and/or other engagement opportunities by listing Artists on

Whenever practical and as space permits, A4B will include the Artist's name, title of the Work(s), and biographical information in connection with any Work(s) presented on A4B may edit and use any information contained in Artist's Application in its sole discretion.

The Artist is responsible for coordinating the shipping of any sold Work(s), unless they elect to hire A4B to serve as their agent to coordinate such activities. A4B shall bear no responsibility for any packing or shipping damages resulting from inadequate packing either by the Artist or Artists' designated packing agent. If works are damaged in transit to either A4B or to the customer, and the carrier denies the claim, the Artist will assume the full financial loss. A4B is responsible for any works while in our possession.

The Artist is fully responsible for the quality of the Work(s) they produce. The Artist must warrantee the stability, archival nature and integrity of their Work(s) for one year after the date of purchase. A4B bears no liability should the Artist(s) misrepresent the quality or integrity of their Work(s). The Artist is financially responsible for all costs associated with repairing or replacing unstable or structurally unsound work or works that have otherwise been misrepresented by the Artist.

A4B has the right to authorize a return of work to the Artist for any reason (except for commissioned works) within a two week time period from the date of delivery. Artist is responsible for inspecting returned items upon receipt of work. If the package arrives damaged, the Artist is responsible for holding the shipping material for inspection by carrier, photographing damages and documenting the damaged packaging and/or works. The Artist must then notify A4B by email with pictures / jpegs of the damaged art and a completed damage report within 48 hours of artwork receipt. A4B will initiate the damage claim process within two business days of the Artist's damage notification. For works damaged by the client or negligent packing of works for return shipment, A4B will charge the client for the work and will pay the Artist upon receipt of payment from the client.

The Artist releases A4B, its agents and licensees from any claims arising out of the use of the Work(s) or Personal Information. The Artist will have no right of approval or claim arising out of any use of Artist's Work(s) by A4B, including but not limited to claims based on defamation, right of privacy or publicity.

A4B may remove the Artist and their Work(s) from and/or may discontinue at any time at its sole discretion.