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Budget Calculator

There is a simple rule of thumb for art acquisition projects. Most companies spend between $.75 and $1.75 per square foot of space. art4business' art calculator will assist you in estimating the services associated with your art related project. After answering a few questions we will present you with an estimated budget and a list of the associated tasks. You may elect to remove tasks that do not apply or that you feel you will be able to complete in-house. Any services removed will change the estimated costs.

Estimated Square Footage:

Note: Number of pieces is estimated at 60 per 100,000 sqare foot area.
Project Type: Select one or more of the following

First time art purchases or adding to an existing collection

Sell artwork that no longer fits your corporate vision

Place art from your existing art collection in new locations

Inventory Management
Create an inventory of your collection with SmartArt, bar-code management-tracking system

Collections Management
Assess the condition of your collection and determine collection needs

Artwork Framing and Shipping
Provide framing and shipping for your artwork